Blended Learning Support Teams for 2018-2019


BLaST (Blended Learning Support Teams) leaders have been designated by the Principals and added to the 18-19 BLaST course. We are currently collecting BLaST member names from leaders and Principals. These team members will be added to the BLaST course.

This year, training is offered to any BLaST members to attend, please coordinate with your BLaST teammates. While seats may be limited, we are willing to provide substitute forms for any BLaST members in attendance at our district-level trainings. Whole group BLaST meeting will not be the man way information is shared. Communication on training will still go through the BLaST Leader, but watch the BLaST course and this web page for training dates.

This year, eLearning will make a concerted effort to work one-on-one with each BLaST leader. BLaST leaders have unique expertise on their school and eLearning hopes to guide them in navigating the early days of the school year to set the school up for success. This means that each team can get individualized support and enjoy individualized accountability for the goals which they set.

One thing eLearning has already worked on with your BLaST leader and Principal on is the minimum Canvas expectations for your school. Reach out to your BLaST leader for information on the starting point for a Canvas course in your school.

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