The eLearning group was honored to meet our newest employees on the second day of New Employee Orientation 2018-2019 at the Academy of Discoveries.
Teachers in elementary were able to spend more time exploring than 6-12 teachers, but all teachers were exposed to the important components of educational technology in our district.

This is the presentation delivery by eLearning:

LaunchPoint v 3.0 is now available to students and staff.

Use our HallCo credentials at to log into this upgraded experience.

LaunchPoint includes district-level and school-level applications on delivery in the My Apps section. The end user can also add application tiles and opt to have their passwords saved for them within LaunchPoint. Users can configure apps into folders, change the sizes and shapes of apps, and enjoys some choices for their background.

While we strive for true Single Sign-On (SSO) where the end user clicks it and then is immediately logged in, there exist a variety of experiences right now. Applications like Canvas provide true SSO, an application such as Nearpod offer a simpler sign-on, with the intermediate step of logging in via Google with HallCo credentials, and finally adding your own apps may require you to store your credentials in the ClassLink Browser Extension.

The My Files section offers both teachers and students the opportunity to access documents from a variety of cloud storages: Dropbox, Google, Office365.

LaunchPoint was reviewed at the New Employee Orientation and Blended Learning Support Team (BLaST) leaders will be trained August 2, 2018, at the Instructional Support Center.