Microsoft’s Immersive Reader

Microsoft has a powerful tool that is making it’s way into a platform you may already be using.  It is called Immersive Reader and it is freely available in some very popular places.  FlipGrid, Canvas, Sway, and Nearpod are examples of Hall County purchases where you can already use the Immersive Reader.  Watch future developments at the Immersive Reader blog from Microsoft.

Students can be taught to use this tool for themselves to regulate the support levels they need.

Take this interactive tour of how your students can use this powerful tool in Office 360, Word.

View this video to learn more:

How does Immersive Reader work in Canvas LMS? Pretty well it turns out.


Find Lucid Chart and Lucid Press on LaunchPoint for K-12 Hall County students and teachers.

Initial train-the-trainer training happened 9/26/19.  Find the session handouts at the end of this document.  The demonstration concept map can be found: and will work for anyone with a Lucid Chart account.

Lucid Chart

The Flowchart menu contains Flowchart symbols with specific meanings.

Lucid Chart allows for assigning a chart to students via Canvas.  Students receive a copy of the chart in their Lucid Chart account.  Students can submit their Lucid Charts to assignments (just like Google).  Additionally, student submissions can be graded and annotated in SpeedGrader within Canvas.

Lucid Chart offers the ability to create slides from the infinite canvas inside Charts.  The presentation is a “Prezi-like” experience and is worth your time to look at what this could mean for your classroom.

Lucid Press

Many products would benefit from the color palettes and/or the school mascot icons at

Lucid Press offers Smart Templates with multiple product options.  More common products include brochure, flyer, invitations, magazine, and posters.  Lucid Press offers the features for high-quality printing for those interested in that specific facet.


Both Lucid Charts and Press offer the ability to collaborate between teachers and between students.  The share functionality can be activated through the platform and via a shared link.

Session Handouts:

Lucidchart Reference Guide
Lucidpress Reference Guide

For all those teachers already using Remind in their classroom, congratulations on the upgrade!
Hall County Schools has purchased a district license for Remind, formerly Remind101. This provides existing users using their Hall County email address Premium Features.  Look for integration with Canvas LMS in August!

Make your own copy of this presentation.

Blended Learning Support Team leaders at each school received training on the administrator’s dashboard.
BLaST leaders were encouraged to form a school plan for communication this Spring with the school leadership.

School BLaST & Administrator Training Resources:

UPDATE for 19-20 School Year:

Brief 30-minute train-the-trainer refresher webinar for BLaST leaders/school Admin or leadership on Remind:

K-5: August 2nd at 9 & 11 AM, 12 & 2 PM 30-minute sessions for a train-the-trainer model/school as a refresher on Remind.

6-12: August 1st at 9&11 AM, 1&3 PM 30-minute sessions for a train-the-trainer model/school as a refresher on Remind.


Check with your Principal on the new handle or username for your school this school year!

Gizmos are standards-aligned simulations for math and science classes.  Gizmos are currently purchased for Hall County students in 6-12 grades.

Improved Integration

Starting Fall of 2019, students and staff will have easier login procedures as Hall County’s integration with Explore Learning evolves. Future logins from LaunchPoint will create user account versus a current process where students had to create an account.

New Cases Format

Explore Learning has newly added 3 STEM cases and handbooks this spring. Students assume the role of a scientist trying to solve a real-world problem. They use scientific practices to collect and analyze data, and form and test a hypothesis as they solve the problem.

  • Each STEM Case uses real-time reporting to show live student results.
  • STEM Cases take between 30 – 90 minutes for students to complete, depending on the case.
  • Multiple grade appropriate versions, or levels, exist for each STEM Case.
  • Each STEM Case level has an associated Handbook. These are interactive guides that focus on the science concepts underlying the case.

Expect 3 more STEM cases to be added this summer and 3 more next fall.


Training is on-going through eLearning and redelivery planning support to departments/content areas can be supported by eLearning.

As the type of Gizmos content continues to grow, you may want to test student devices from time to time, especially when you try a new Gizmo. You can check System Requirements and Check your Video Card by finding “System Requirements” at the bottom of any Gizmos page.

This is also where you can find email or phone support. eLearning does not have a view into this system, so often the teacher will want to reach out to Explore Learning directly.


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