End-of-Year BLaST Leader Suggestions

The following are just a few recommendations for BLaST Leaders to consider during the last couple of months of the school year:

  • Revisit LaunchPoint:  Have your BLaST members review what is on LaunchPoint for your school.  What needs to be removed/edited?  Does everyone understand what is on LaunchPoint?  Does your school’s LaunchPoint need cleaning up?
  • Teacher Sites Clean-Up:  Change the visibility for teachers retiring or who will no longer be employed with HCSD.  For teachers transferring to a new Hall Co school please have them go in and update their Teacher Site on their own to reflect their new location.
  • All current-year Canvas courses will conclude automatically when the Canvas Term ends on June 1st. Teachers can always override the Term Settings by using the Course Start/End Dates in their Course Settings. If teachers want/need to conclude their courses earlier than June 1st they can do so by clicking the manual ‘Conclude this Course’’ button also found on the Course Settings page.
  • If your school has any course which need to be deleted please complete the Delete Course Form.
  • It would be helpful if every teacher could make at least one course before leaving for summer so they have the teacher role in at least one course aligned to the 22-23 Term.  This will prevent teachers from not having access to Teacher Tools after their 21-22 courses conclude.
  • Please see 22-23 Canvas Course Creation for directions on creating courses for 22-23.