The following flip chart has been adapted from a training flip chart found on Promethean Planet.  Special thanks to Amy Kuhr of Plattsmouth Community Schools for sharing this insightful flip chart with the Promethean Planet Community!

Please feel free to download this flip chart to use on your own, or to follow along with eLearning during a training session.

Click here to download The Nuts and Bolts of ActivInspire flipchart.

Click here to download The Nuts and Bolts of ActivInspire Part II flipchart.



e-Learning is often asked about registering ActivSlates.  The instructions below assume that the user has an ActivSlate and an ActivHub  that is plugged into a working USB port.  The ActivHub will flash green when installed properly:

This post uses images of the ActivSlate 60, but it will apply to older models as well:

Step 1 – Access the Device Registration screen:

From the Dashboard:

or from the Voting Browser:

Step 2:  In Device Registration, select ActivSlates and click Register:

Step 3:  To Register one ActivSlate, select the number 1 and click Next:

Step 4:  A PIN code with instructions are displayed in the next window:

Step 5:  Power on the ActivSlate.  Click once on the Registration button (the flame) on the ActivSlate and enter the PIN code from ActivInspire by clicking the PIN code buttons on the ActivSlate:

Step 6:  In ActivInspire click Finish.  The ActivSlate LCD screen should display ‘REGISTERED’ for a moment, then should switch to a signal meter (similar to a cell phone signal meter) that is full:

A successfully registered slate can be used to navigate a computer and perform other mouse functions like left and right clicking also enabling the teacher to be mobile.  It also allows for another piece of technology to put in your students’ hands.  There have been a few occasions where we had to repeat Steps 4-6 to get the slate to register.  If you have difficulty with this, please see your Media Specialist or Computer Lab Manager.