October 1st and 2nd offered training to

Media Specialists & Canvas Early Adopters

Our training included select external tools which are district subscriptions available through Canvas. SoftChalk, Atomic Learning, Turn It In (High School), and Voice Thread were specifically addressed by eLearning.

Our trainer encouraged us to provide feedback on this and other apps and integrations via the EduAppCenter.com.

It does not matter how you choose to log in. The review process is important in itself.

If you are reviewing an app which relates to a Hall County implementation (subscription) you may want to mention in the review something to the effect of “as experienced by/within Hall County” so other HallCo users recognize your feedback.

After our Canvas trainer watched the in-person tutorial provided by Greg Odell at our October 1, 2014 training he provided feedback for the VoiceThread app. Feedback like this has the potential to guide future outside vendor’s integrations into Canvas. So if you see an app or an integration you like, or could be improved this is a way to speak up!

Thank you to those who participated in this training. If you have questions on using these integrations in your Canvas courses you should have representatives at your school you can help you get started, or review the below documents.

Atomic Learning in Canvas |

Using SoftChalk in Canvas






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