Professional Learning

  • Canvas Training Updates

    Canvas Training has been updated!

    Hall County School District offers many ways to learn about Canvas by Instructure, our learning management system (LMS).

    Learn Canvas Face-to-Face

    Five iterations of face-to-face training:
    • June 3, 4, 5
    • August 14, 15, 16
    • October 2, 3, 4
    • January 28, 29, 30
    • March 3, 4, 5
    Each iteration offers Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced training. Each training contains activities directed by an expert from Canvas and the training contains activities that show participant competence.
    Training Descriptions:

    Beginning – Course Basics, Canvas Commons, Course Settings, Modules, Creating Content/Accessibility, Communication Tools, Assignments

    Intermediate – Assessment Tools, Outcomes and Rubrics, Group Work & Collaboration, Gradebook and Speedgrader. PREREQUISITE: Beginner Canvas Training or Growing with Canvas in Hall County online course (found in Catalog)

    Advanced – Agenda to Include: managing assessments, group work and collaboration – Google and Office, mastery paths, getting starter with Badgr. PREREQUISITE: Intermediate Canvas Training

    Learn Canvas Online, on your Own

    Online, Asynchronous Beginners Canvas course. Each month this course offers a way to work through the content on your own. See your BLaST leader for a reminder of how to sign-up in Catalog for a course as needed.
    September 2019 Online Course

    Learn On Demand with Canvas Experts

    Canvas Training Support Services You can watch videos or sign up for future, live webinars. These webinars have one expert who shows you what to do in Canvas and one Canvas expert who runs the chat window answering your questions. You need to Authorize this, much like you did the first time you used Google within Canvas. Make sure once you are logged in to look through the Learning Library and Training Calendar (below).  Your My Learning section is a listing of the sessions you have signed up for, with an option to reschedule. Register for Live Webinars Ther remain many ways for educators in our district to learn about Canvas. Follow this blog for more information and to keep up on the latest face-to-face training on our calendar.

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  • Summer 2019: Tools and Blended Learning

    In our 4th year of Blended Learning June offerings, we are excited to offer Hall County teachers access to professional learning around the most effective tools to use in a blended learning setting. Online offerings open May 30th and blended offerings start the first face-to-face training day.

    All face-to-face training is at the Hall County Instructional Support Center, 2750 Atlanta Highway, Gainesville, GA 30504.

    *teachers are not eligible to participate in certifications if they already hold that certification.

    Canvas Apps

    Canvas Foundational Courses: K-12 Hall County Teachers, 90 spots, $450 paid for completion Blended format: Leveled to current Canvas instructor experience, this training provides one day of face-to-face training with a Canvas Trainer. To complete the course, finish two days worth of learning, submissions, peer reviews, and assessments online.

    brainpop app

    *BrainPOP Certification: K-8 Hall County Teachers, 50 spots, $300 paid for completion Blended format: This training provides one day of face-to-face training with BrainPop. To complete the course, finish one more day online.

    thinglink app

    *ThingLink Certified Educator Certification: K-12 Hall County Teachers, 20 spots, $150 paid for completion Online format: Submit to ThingLink before June 14th.

    nearpod app

    *Nearpod Certified Educator Certification: K-12 Hall County Teachers, 20 spots, $150 paid for completion Online format:

    Submit to Nearpod before June 14th.

    newsela app

    *NewELA Certified Educator Certification: K-12 Hall County Teachers, 20 spots, $150 paid for completion Online format:

    Submit to NewsELA before June 14th.

    flipgrid app

    *FlipGrid Certified Educator (Level 1 & 2) Certification: K-12 Hall County Teachers, 20 spots, $150 paid for completion Online format:

    Submit to FlipGrid before June 14th.

    *teachers are not eligible to participate in certifications if they already hold that certification.

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  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Teacher Academy, October 2018

    Hall County graduated our first cohort of Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIEs) October 2nd and 3rd. 53 Hall County educators, representing 22 schools in the district, earned their MIE badge. MIEs use Microsoft tools in the classroom and have learned the fundamentals of applying technology in education. This is the first step on an exciting journey of joining a professional network of enthusiastic educators who come together to learn, share, and grow.
    Participants learned about: Microsoft Office 365, Forms (Surveys & Quizzes), OneNote, and the Educator Community and self-training opportunities online.

    Not Able to Attend?

    Network with your BLaST members to learn about future training opportunities (check out our calendar on the home page). Consider working with one of your above colleagues to learn more about the opportunities available to Hall County educators through their Windows 10 operating systems on their teacher laptops. Learn how you can become an MIE! You can work independently to gain this recognition., online and at your own pace.

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  • Canvas Training offered through the 2018-19 School Year

    The subscription service of live webinars on Canvas topics offered this summer – Canvas Training –  has been extended through this school year! The training is live webinars with question and answer is staffed by Canvas experts who can help gain a deeper understanding of Canvas. This subscription now runs now to June 30th. This will continue as a link under the Help menu in Canvas. If you want to sign up now, please follow the directions below:
    • Visit the Training Account Creation. page and sign up for an account using your district email
    • After creating your account, log into the Training Portal.using your newly created credentials
      • For faster access, click ?/Help on the far left ribbon and select Canvas Training.
    • You should now see a calendar of available training sessions which you can sign up for at any time
    • Our Getting Started in Subscription Training Guide. (below) explains our different training series, as well as the recommended training curriculum for a variety of roles (admin, K12 instructor, support etc.)
    • To explore the full listing of our training offerings and download training agendas, please see our Offerings Space
    Learn about Canvas Training:

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  • Welcome New Teachers!

    The eLearning group was honored to meet our newest employees on the second day of New Employee Orientation 2018-2019 at the Academy of Discoveries. Teachers in elementary were able to spend more time exploring than 6-12 teachers, but all teachers were exposed to the important components of educational technology in our district. This is the presentation delivery by eLearning:

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