• RAZ Plus: Finish the Year Strong!

    Hall County purchases Reading A-Z, RAZ kids, RAZ Plus, and Science A-Z for our elementary schools. There are several ways to learn more about the parent company, Learning A-Z:
    1. Please find below the April schedule for webinars.
    2. Our professional learning representative from Learning A-Z, Angela Romano also offers Teacher Talk, the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Training ID: 458-428-396
    3. Please see Top 10 End of Grade/Course Resources newsletter below.

    Learning A-Z

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  • Gizmos for Math and Science 6-12

    Gizmos are standards-aligned simulations for math and science classes.  Gizmos are currently purchased for Hall County students in 6-12 grades.

    Improved Integration

    Starting Fall of 2019, students and staff will have easier login procedures as Hall County’s integration with Explore Learning evolves. Future logins from LaunchPoint will create user account versus a current process where students had to create an account.

    New Cases Format

    Explore Learning has newly added 3 STEM cases and handbooks this spring. Students assume the role of a scientist trying to solve a real-world problem. They use scientific practices to collect and analyze data, and form and test a hypothesis as they solve the problem.
    • Each STEM Case uses real-time reporting to show live student results.
    • STEM Cases take between 30 – 90 minutes for students to complete, depending on the case.
    • Multiple grade appropriate versions, or levels, exist for each STEM Case.
    • Each STEM Case level has an associated Handbook. These are interactive guides that focus on the science concepts underlying the case.
    Expect 3 more STEM cases to be added this summer and 3 more next fall.


    Training is on-going through eLearning and redelivery planning support to departments/content areas can be supported by eLearning. As the type of Gizmos content continues to grow, you may want to test student devices from time to time, especially when you try a new Gizmo. You can check System Requirements and Check your Video Card by finding “System Requirements” at the bottom of any Gizmos page. This is also where you can find email or phone support. eLearning does not have a view into this system, so often the teacher will want to reach out to Explore Learning directly.   Explore Learning Banner    

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  • Office 365 in Canvas

    Instructure highlights seven points of interoperability with Office 365:
    1. Sign in with O365
    2. Add & embed docs to modules
    3. Collaborations
    4. Create & upload files directly from O365
    5. Cloud Assignment
    6. Office Add-in
    7. OneNote Class notebook
    For a 30 minute overview of the seven main points of Canvas Integration with Office 365, watch below video:
    Friday, February 10, 2017 at

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  • cK-12 in Canvas

    The #edtech content provider offers a great variety of math and science content for grades since 2016. You may not even realize all the quality content available for you to easily add to your Canvas course. cK-12 is an open educational resource (OER) non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to high-quality K-12 STEM education materials. CK-12 offers free high-quality, standards-aligned, open content in the STEM subjects through an integrated set of tools for learning including digital textbooks, concept-based learning resources, simulations, interactive practice and more. All content is created and curated by teachers, for teachers and students. You can embed cK-12 into your Canvas Assignments and enjoy grade pass-back to your Canvas grade book. This video leaves out assigning 10 points to the Assignment, but everything else is an accurate representation of the steps to inserting this quality content into your Canvas course:
    For those who like written directions to create CK-12 Assignments:
    1. Click on the course Assignments tab in the course navigation pane
    2. On the Assignments page, click the blue button +Assignments
    3. Name the assignment
    4. Assign 10 (or other as appropriate) points
    5. Scroll down to the Submission Type box in the middle of the Edit page.
    6. Select External Tool
    7. In the Enter or find and External Tool URL field, click on the Find button
    8. Scroll to CK-12
    9. Once the external tool launches, select the topic (e.g., Trigonometry)
    10. Select the subtopic (e.g., Polar System and Complex Numbers)
    11. Select the lesson (e.g., Intersections of Polar Curves)
    12. Click Add
    13. Click Select
    14. Finish any other editing you want and click Save or Save and Publish

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  • Canvas Training offered through the 2018-19 School Year

    The subscription service of live webinars on Canvas topics offered this summer – Canvas Training –  has been extended through this school year! The training is live webinars with question and answer is staffed by Canvas experts who can help gain a deeper understanding of Canvas. This subscription now runs now to June 30th. This will continue as a link under the Help menu in Canvas. If you want to sign up now, please follow the directions below:
    • Visit the Training Account Creation. page and sign up for an account using your district email
    • After creating your account, log into the Training Portal.using your newly created credentials
      • For faster access, click ?/Help on the far left ribbon and select Canvas Training.
    • You should now see a calendar of available training sessions which you can sign up for at any time
    • Our Getting Started in Subscription Training Guide. (below) explains our different training series, as well as the recommended training curriculum for a variety of roles (admin, K12 instructor, support etc.)
    • To explore the full listing of our training offerings and download training agendas, please see our Offerings Space
    Learn about Canvas Training:

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