• Increase the Quality of Discussion Posts

    Discussion posts can engage a wider variety of students than in-person, time-driven discussions. The deep thinker, the shy student, the serial responder can all use a discussion post to further engage with your course content – if you correctly set one up. Consider the following tips and use the resources referenced to add a new depth to your Canvas courses.

    Discussion Post Guidelines

    Discussion Posts benefit from specific guidelines to assure successful participation by students. Provide a link to your Discussion Post Guidelines for every class Discussion Post. The bottom of the RCE is ideal for this or a similar notice: Of course, that means you need to create a page to link to which contains your Discussion Guidelines – and that you have Discussion Guidelines. Both are easy to accomplish. Discussion Guidelines help students meet instructor expectations and allow the instructor to thoughtfully craft a discussion. Consider the two versions in Commons: Search Discussion Guidelines in Hall County Commons.

    Sample Discussions

    Consider importing the Sample Discussion Post from the Hall County Canvas Commons to customize. Link your Discussion Guidelines and then duplicate for multiple modules:

    To Grade or Not to Grade?

    Graded discussions do not count toward user storage quotas. Also remember that grading can be as simple as complete/incomplete. However, if you want to be more precise – and take advantage of the awesome Speedgrader – consider adding a rubric to your discussion.

    Consult the Canvas Guides on Discussions for more specific information.


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  • 2020 Summer Courses

    2020 is our 5th year of Blended Learning June offerings, we are excited to offer Hall County teachers access to professional learning around the most effective tools to use in a blended learning setting. Online offerings open for enrollment May 22nd. All eLearning sessions are online this year. Some sessions have a synchronous component, please check your calendars in advance of signing up. As always eLearning keeps a waiting list and strives to fill any vacancies which arise, so please consider signing up for the waitlist if you were not able to get into your favorite offering. *teachers are not eligible to participate in certifications if they already hold that certification. Visit Catalog when signed into Canvas to sign up for these courses and more!          

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  • Creating on Chromebooks

    We were fortunate to host Brian Buffington, Director of Instructional Technology at Pioneer RESA. Brian joined us October 16th & 18th at the Hall County Instructional Support Center to work with us on Creating with Chromebooks. Brian shared a Google Doc with the group which contained our agenda:    

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  • Canvas Training Updates

    Canvas Training has been updated!

    Hall County School District offers many ways to learn about Canvas by Instructure, our learning management system (LMS).

    Learn Canvas Face-to-Face

    Five iterations of face-to-face training:
    • June 3, 4, 5
    • August 14, 15, 16
    • October 2, 3, 4
    • January 28, 29, 30
    • March 3, 4, 5
    Each iteration offers Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced training. Each training contains activities directed by an expert from Canvas and the training contains activities that show participant competence.
    Training Descriptions:

    Beginning – Course Basics, Canvas Commons, Course Settings, Modules, Creating Content/Accessibility, Communication Tools, Assignments

    Intermediate – Assessment Tools, Outcomes and Rubrics, Group Work & Collaboration, Gradebook and Speedgrader. PREREQUISITE: Beginner Canvas Training or Growing with Canvas in Hall County online course (found in Catalog)

    Advanced – Agenda to Include: managing assessments, group work and collaboration – Google and Office, mastery paths, getting starter with Badgr. PREREQUISITE: Intermediate Canvas Training

    Learn Canvas Online, on your Own

    Online, Asynchronous Beginners Canvas course. Each month this course offers a way to work through the content on your own. See your BLaST leader for a reminder of how to sign-up in Catalog for a course as needed.
    September 2019 Online Course

    Learn On Demand with Canvas Experts

    Canvas Training Support Services You can watch videos or sign up for future, live webinars. These webinars have one expert who shows you what to do in Canvas and one Canvas expert who runs the chat window answering your questions. You need to Authorize this, much like you did the first time you used Google within Canvas. Make sure once you are logged in to look through the Learning Library and Training Calendar (below).  Your My Learning section is a listing of the sessions you have signed up for, with an option to reschedule. Register for Live Webinars Ther remain many ways for educators in our district to learn about Canvas. Follow this blog for more information and to keep up on the latest face-to-face training on our calendar.

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  • RAZ Plus: Finish the Year Strong!

    Hall County purchases Reading A-Z, RAZ kids, RAZ Plus, and Science A-Z for our elementary schools. There are several ways to learn more about the parent company, Learning A-Z:
    1. Please find below the April schedule for webinars.
    2. Our professional learning representative from Learning A-Z, Angela Romano also offers Teacher Talk, the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Training ID: 458-428-396
    3. Please see Top 10 End of Grade/Course Resources newsletter below.

    Learning A-Z

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