May 23 Update: Enrollment increased to 52.

We are pleased to invite you to a June 2016 online course via Canvas where we develop online content to complement your face-to-face instruction this fall!2016 Summer PL Listing
Set your own leveled goals for creating Blended Learning Content within Canvas. Work with eLearning Specialists within Canvas LMS to have content ready for start of school.

Successful participants earn $450 stipend.

Audience: K-12 Hall County teachers

Format: Online; Canvas course and synchronous sessions as needed

Facilitators: Danica Pruitt, Penny Christensen, Greg Odell

Participants: Sign up via Catalog,  limit 45, first come – first served


  1. Level set their current level of course completeness:
    1. Beginner Goals
    2. Intermediate Goals
    3. Advanced/Teacher-Generated Goals
  2. Teacher participants submit their goal sheet and course number.
  3. Teachers have until June 23rd to complete.
  4. No payment until both product and appropriate time in Canvas verified by eLS



  1. eLS communicates expectations, procedures, and opportunities for learning through a Canvas course.
  2. eLS monitors submissions of completed goals
  3. eLS check the progress on goals and the appropriate amount of time spent in the course
  4. eLS submits a list of teachers to receive payment by June 30.
  5. Synchronous sessions scheduled as needed with an eLS via the Canvas course via surveys/polls. Sessions can be archived and shared in the course.


Goals to contain: Profile (precursor of new solution for Teacher Page), a minimum of one or more full content module (based on individual goals).


Time in course to represent reasonable amount of effort in completing each participant’s goals.