The NetTrekker external tool is now available in Canvas for all of our elementary and middle school courses.  Please view the video below to see how to embed NetTrekker content directly in a Canvas course:

Using Office Mix with Canvas makes it easy to share content, assign mixes to students, and track grades and progress. The Office Mix Canvas App has been added at the district level and is now ready to use for all Hall County Schools inside Canvas.

Watch this mix or follow the steps below.

Follow these steps to use Office Mix as an Assignment inside a Course in Canvas:

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Select the Course you’d like to work with.
  3. Click the Assignments section.
  4. Click + Assignment to add a new Assignment.
  5. Enter metadata about the assignment such as Name andDescription.
  6. Select External Tool from the Submission Type list.
  7. In the External Tool Options, click on the External Tool URL.
  8. Click Office Mix.Note: If you do not, you may need to follow the “Initial Setup for Administrators” instructions.
  9. In the dialog, use one of these methods to select a mix:
    • By URL: A simple way to select a mix is to visit the Office Mix website, watch a mix, and copy/paste the URL in the dialog. This method makes it easy to include mixes that have been created by other people.
    • My Mixes: Select a mix from your My Mixes page. In order to prevent students from having to sign in to view a mix, only those mixes with permissions set to Unlisted or Public are shown.

  10. After you have selected a mix, click Yes to confirm that this is the mix you’d like to use. When you return to the Configure External Tool window, the URL field should be populated.
  11. Click the Select button.
  12. If you would like the Assignment to be graded, type a Points value greater than 0.
  13. Click Save on your assignment when you’re finished.

Insert OpenEd content into your Canvas course:

Create Canvas assignments using OpenEd assessments and HW, and watch your students’ scores populate right into your Canvas grade book!  Here is a quick video demonstrating how to set this up:
(video updated 12/7/17)

Also, here is a step-by-step document.  Students get their assignments within Canvas with no login or password needed.

Please email your e-Learning Specialists if you are interested in learning more about using OpenEd content inside of Canvas:
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