When students left school early January 20th for incoming potentially hazardous weather, teachers already had identified how their students would complete school from home, for many that was through the Canvas LMS – Digital Learning Days.DLD Commons template listing

While pencil and paper is still an option, many teachers started working with fellow experienced Canvas teachers the first half of the school year. Using Canvas provides an online option to maximize learning when off the school campus and speed up the return to normalcy when all come back together after the weather-event by allowing communication/submission of school work.

A Digital Learning Day Template was made available to all Hall County teachers within the Canvas LMS Commons for download. Examples of how to fill out that template were also available for download by teachers. These resources offered any teacher the chance to efficiently offer school from home in an electronic format.

DLD template module

As our first Digital Learning Day of school year 2016 progresses we look forward to learning much about best to operate on DLDs in Hall County. While students will contact teachers during prearranged hours for help, teachers have a place to turn for support as well. Every Canvas user has access to top-notch help within Canvas; there is a “Help” button on the upper blue banner which persists throughout the site. Each school building has an identified Canvas Team. This team usually includes the Media Specialist and can offer help. If those options do not yield the help required the district provides teachers with eLearning. eLearning is available by email, social media, and mobile phone for the duration of Digital Learning Days to help.