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#HallCoChat Storify Transcripts:

10.13.15 Create A Twitter Challenge! – hosted by @HallCo_eLS

10.27.15  Working Efficiently – hosted by @johnhardison1

11.10.15 Creating and Maintaining Growth Mindset – hosted by @trtlchell3

11.24.15 Benefits of Feedback – hosted by @SkogsNation

12.8.15 Grading – hosted by @mrsjezell

1.12.16 Blended Learning – hosted by @mr_donaldson

1.26.16 Differentiation – hosted by @mrskbuffington, @hamiltonbethann, @amandakdyi

2.9.16 Classroom Engagement versus Student Compliance – hosted by @LancelotTeacher

3.8.16 Your Top 3 Passions in Education – hosted by @HallCo_eLS

4.12.16 How to Professionally Develop Yourself – hosted by @pen63

4.26.16 Getting off the Escalator – hosted by @teachtechy