You may have content or grade level tests in ExamView which you would like your students to take in HallConnect.

This would allow you to continue to plan with any colleagues not currently using HallConnect using common assessments.

Once you have created/opened a ExamView test follow these steps:

Select File > Export > WebCT 4x / Vista 3.0+

Keep the default selections and save this as a ZIP file.






Sign into HallConnect through the BrainHoney (bee) icon.  From the Syllabus launch Add > Assessment.  In the Assessment, select the Questions tab and in the upper right choose Advanced Edit.

Note that the program gives a warning that questions created in Advanced Edit cannot be edited in teh WYSIWYG mode.  This should be fine for you since you can make any adjustments in the ExamView program and import them in this fashion.

Complete the import by selecting the ZIP file you exported from the ExamView program.





When the import is complete you will see HTML code on the left that may look confusing until you compare it to what you can see after clicking the Preview button.



For complete directions see extensive documentation within Safari Montage.