Below are some basic steps to take if you are having trouble with accessing content on SAFARI Montage:


1.  Check the version of your SAFARI Montage Media Player:

Right click on the video player screen once logged into SAFARI Montage:

SAFARI Montage Video Player

Left-click on ‘About’.

This will state what version of the player is installed.

The current version (as of 12/4/12) of the player is 5.4.9 for PC and 5.4.0 for Mac.

The latest version of the browser can be downloaded by clicking the Help Tab on the top right of the main navigation bar as shown below:

Then click on Browser & Plug-In Downloads on the left:



Next, choose the appropriate downloads which may or may not include the SAFARI Montage Media Player needed for the system being used.

2.  Quicktime – Some of the content stored in the SAFARI Montage system requires the use of Quicktime for playback.  Please make sure Quicktime is installed and up-to-date.

3.  Make sure a supported web browser is being used to access SAFARI Montage.  Supported browsers for SAFARI Montage are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari browser.  Please note that Google Chrome is not supported at this time.  The current versions of the supported browsers are as follows as of 12/4/12:

Internet Explorer – Version 10.0.8400.0

Firefox – Version 17.0.1

Apple’s Safari Browser – Version 6.0.1

4.  Please restart your computer after performing any of these updates.


Updated Troubleshooting Steps:

Thanks to Kandis Lewis-Thomas and Tracy Barnette for leading us to the following information from SAFARI Montage Tech Support:

If users still experience garbled sounding audio from Safari Montage but not other programs do the following:


Logout of Safari Montage by clicking on the “log out” link at the top of the page as indicated by the red circle in the below screen clip.




Please delete all Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.  The process for deleting Temporary Internet Files and Cookies is different depending on which browser is being used.


Navigate to

If the login screens prompts to install the Safari Montage Media Player, install this before logging into the site.


If these steps do not correct all problems you may be having with SAFARI Montage, please ask your media specialist to contact the e-Learning Department.

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This video was produced by Robert Donaldson, West Hall Middle School, who is part of our pilot group of HallConnect teachers.  Mr. Donaldson tours us through the current student user interface to give us an idea of the types of learning students can do in the current environment.

Hall Connect Student Login & Overview Tutorial_WMV V9

Items to note:

  • the virtual desktop will change as the user interface matures; your students will need to use MyFiles to utilize Microsoft applications
  • student log ins at elementary schools are generally student number/ student number and student logins at secondary schools are generally student number /whatever-the-student-has-changed-it-to
  • produced with